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CMV Informatics: dynamic pricing and store management software

CMV Informatics is a retail software editor. We provide digital dynamic pricing, store management, and competitive pricing monitoring solutions for retailers. We work for all types of purchase organization, cooperatives or points of sale that want to increase their performance and profitability and improve the pleasure their customers have in buying from them.


The satisfaction and success of our customers is our number one priority and our customer service is very reactive. Our customers are our best sponsors and our best source of inspiration. Our passionate and dynamic team is on the lookout for innovations that can be useful to our customers.


Retail is part of the company's DNA: we have been working with the retail industry for more than 30 years.


Easy to use, user-friendly and very powerful, our software covers all the sector's fields of expertise and offers a multidimensional analysis capability that allows you to adjust your business positioning in at any time.

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November 2015





Point of sales management software for retailers

Notre équipe


Dijon & Paris

Company taken over by Stéphanie BOMPAS

Retail price and point of sales digital management solutions.

Stéphanie BOMPAS


Christophe CAPIEZ

Product lead

Thomas Guider


Florian Rousseaux

Technical lead

Jean-Claude GUERRET




Elodie Clémencet

Customer service manager

Etienne POT

Product manager

Valentin RALLU

Customer service


Commercial engineer



Nicolas Lebeault


CMV Informatics' approach

Making decisions in a short period of time in an uncertain economic environment dominated by fluctuating market conditions, becomes a competitive advantage.

Speed is therefore a major requirement: speed of analysis, speed of development of new reflection models, speed of decision making and speed of processing.

Easy access to accurate and relevant information is necessary to make informed strategic decisions.

Cabexpert is about data quality for business intelligence.

Cabexpert solutions allow both a complete management and a decision-making tool oriented towards understanding and optimizing the management needs of distribution companies.

ROI less than 12 months

Quick decision making

           A permanent innovation approach

Free to undertake, think and do.

Within a company's national strategy, the company makes its choices and adapts to local realities.

Cabexpert symbolizes the synergy between respecting the constraints of a group and the intelligence of local professionals.

Cabexpert integrates the evolution of best operational practices.


Designed to address the situations encountered by the company, to help implement the strategies and policies.



  • For those who wish a tool to help industrialize distribution, to standardize the activities of the distribution company.


  • A decision support tool that allows you to act on real causes and facts.


  • A performance accelerator that follows a quality assurance approach.

               The environment is changing, Cabexpert is                adapting

 4 levels of versions according to the store format.


Designed for all types of points of sale and central offices but also for all computer configurations, the largest store in terms of surface area (9,000 m2) using Cabexpert uses 55 workstations for 75 million euros in turnover.

The smallest in surface area (250 m2) equipped with the software with 1 workstation achieves < 1 million euros of turnover.

In addition to supermarkets, it is also present in DIY, garden centres and department stores.

- Multi-store software

- A multi-brand software

An adaptable software that allows to manage in a centralized way today, groups of 5 to n points of sale.


 Cabexpert connects and interfaces to the remote or adjacent drive. It contributes to the management of operations according to the outcome of each site.

             An adaptable and up-to-date work tool

CMV Informatics develops innovative and evolving concepts that take into account the realities of distribution companies - whatever the brand and sector of activity - which guarantees constant adaptation to the situations of the point of sale.

We integrate a process-based approach that models commercial operating activities.

A platform for permanent progress, by offering gap management.

An integrated decision-making tool that allows you to work with data in real time.

Our solutions allow the voluntary construction of the operating results of the distribution company.

            Business intelligence software, ingenious                     features

Cabexpert Retail, the only back-office software that allows you to process operating data and analysis data in real time and simultaneously.

Cabexpert, the only decision support software to be developed in full multidimension, processing data in reading (consultation) and writing (modification).

 An ERP, an integrated management software package that interfaces with any type of software or hardware device.

A D.O.L.A.A.P. decision engine that integrates hybrid information from heterogeneous data sources.


 Cabexpert already integrates virtualization and digital computing techniques.

                                                                                                 A "universal" logic to trade and distribution

 Cabexpert takes into account the sociology of organizations to develop a "generic" approach to mass distribution.

Cabexpert thus builds a corporate culture by having identified, hierarchical processes that allow skills to be distributed in the right places.

A tool for sharing and synergy, depending on the organization of the point of sale, grade and job of each person.

A learning software package, through its use, everyone develops their personal and professional skills.

A tool that allows working in collaborative mode.

A multicultural management tool based on the principle of situational management.

           The company's backbone, the armed arm of               the managers

Cabexpert is structuring, it provides managers with an evolving model of point-of-sale operating concepts.

It provides a computerized representation of the business project.

Prioritizes activities and tasks, expresses results through key management indicators.

  • assists the entrepreneur in the follow-up of his management actions.

  • gives a decisive methodology to a situational, sequential and progressive management mode.

  • allows everyone to position themselves on their real profession and to allocate skills to the right places.


Cabexpert is unique.

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