Logiciel de politique de pricing

I Features: manage your pricing policy

Business intelligence software, ingenious features
Business intelligence software, ingenious features

The simulation can be generated according to 3 operating modes: automatic, semi-automatic or manually.

It makes it possible to analyze and measure the results of the application of strategies and to adjust prices, in order to have an optimal competitive positioning and control the brand's price image.

Performance monitoring makes it possible to measure the real impact of the new pricing policy on performance in terms of quantity, turnover and margins.

Business intelligence software, ingenious features

The economic reasoning is made up of all the rules to be applied by the management family.

Business intelligence software, ingenious features

The goal is to update the competition's prices to compare prices and measure holding rates. They are managed by competitor and no longer through statements. The historization of competitor prices makes it possible to measure the evolution between two readings.

Business intelligence software, ingenious  features

The various parameters allow you to determine how the pricing policy works, to define alerts and product categories. They are managed globally or by the management family.

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