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Why did you choose to work with CMV Informatics?


French grocer “Maison Thiriet” chose CMV Informatics for a few key specific strategic business reasons:

·         The company’s software and visualization expertise,

·         CMVs specific experience in the retail industry,

·         The company’s adaptability, availability, and company-wide support.


What were your initial needs before working with CMV Informatics?


Before CMV’s Cabexpert Pricing™, we did not work with any specific pricing tools. Everything was managed by hand and in Excel. It was not practical at all, especially when several people needed to all work on the same file. It was also not easy to have longer-term projection visibility based on pricing movements, margins, the impact of promotions, etc. We were ready for a professional tool.


How has CMV Informatics' Cabexpert Pricing tool impacted your organization’s pricing policy?


Implementing the tool gave us tremendous advantages in terms of the quality of our work outputs. We can finally see a margin forecast and understand purchasing and logistics data like never before. All the data that feeds the tool comes from our own information systems and therefore, it is easier and more efficient to have all the important data from one vendor. We now have a complete vision of margins. We can also separate and analyze our different distribution networks (for example in-store vs. e-commerce).


How did the internal implementation of the tool go?


This type of tool was a real discovery for us. I was trained first, then we conducted simple tests, and then all the buyers came on-board. These trainings were simple to understand yet also critical to get us up and running very quickly.

Currently, I am the main user of the tool. I often produce price simulations from the tool and share these with upper management. The software is intuitive, and the interface well thought through.


Could you name three key differentiators of the CMV Informatics' solution?


The first is the quality of the Cabexpert Pricing tool and its intuitiveness. The tool is also very ergonomic and statistically accurate. All the functionalities I need are available in the software. I do not need to open other programs to find what I’m looking for. The different solution buttons are designed to make the user experience seamless.

If you would summarize your experience with CMV Informatics and our Cabexpert Pricing tool in one sentence, what would you say?


It is honestly a wonderful experience. Since I took over the Pricing Manager position it has allowed me to benefit from the power of the tool and at the same time offer tremendous value to my organization. The CMV team is extremely helpful, very competent, always available, understanding, and reactive to any of my needs. The tool has become a tremendous asset to our organization.

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