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Logiciel de pricing
I  What is dynamic pricing ?

Dynamic pricing is a flexible pricing strategy whereby the company sets variable prices for a product based on rules chosen according to:

  • Competitor's prices.

  • Price elasticity of a product.

  • Seasonality or period.

  • Promoting and communication.

  • Promotional periods.

I  The pricing strategy, a key success factors for retailers

A formalized pricing strategy is an essential element for the success of a pricing project.

The pricing strategy is the set of rules that the company applies to product families and sub-families.

Dynamic pricing is implemented from the pricing strategy.

CMV Informatics also assists its customers in the development and/or formalization of their pricing strategy.

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Why to choose Cabexpert Pricing ?

Cabexpert Pricing by simulating the various scenarios and measuring the impact of the pricing strategy on economic performance makes it easier to implement your pricing strategy and improve your competitive positioning.

You can run various price simulations and see their impacts in terms of quantity, sales, margin, gross profit, index, gap... and control the results on the company's objectives.


  • Margin optimization ;

  • Control of the brand's price image ;

  • Gain in market share ;

  • Increase the productivity of your teams ;

  • Better price positioning.


Key features

  • Ease of use ;

  • Solution co-developed with Retail users ;

  • Flexibility of the solution ;

  • Efficiency of the customer service team ;

  • Quality of the project approach and solution, often recommended by our customers.

  • Price simulations ; 

  • Implementation of dynamic rules by family ;

  •  Regional management (size, geography...) ;

  • Promotion management ;

  • Price elasticity management ;

  • Management of objectives ;

  • Analysis of the results.

I  Your project becomes ours  

CMV Informatics' mission: propose convivial digital software based on our retail and pricing expertise, to support retail professionals in their decision-making.

At CMV Informatics, we are committed to your satisfaction and the success of your project. 

After the qualification your needs, we make you proposals adapted to your request, we set up the solution and support you until the adoption of the solution by the users and its implementation.  

Our service remains at your side throughout our partnership.  

They trust us :

"Thanks to Cabexpert Pricing, the price strategy is really the translation of a commercial ambition. "

Pricing Manager


 "Cabexpert Pricing allows me to analyze my competitive environment and implement an effective pricing strategy."

Marketing Manager


"Thanks to Cabexpert Pricing I process my pricing policy within 3 hours instead of one week per month before. It saves me a lot of time. "

Pricing Manager


"We play and test price scenario simulations quickly, it's easy! "

Marketing and pricing manager

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