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I Competitive intelligence and dynamic marketing data visualization

With Posipricing, you can quickly access key information about your competitors and marketplaces: online price of items, promotional strategy, information on the assortment.

  • Monitor your price image and optimize your offer to consumers.

  • Save time collecting and processing the information you need to work on your action plans.

I The pleasure of improving your competitiveness

Thanks to Posipricing, you no longer need to spend hours analyzing the prices and products of your competitors to work on your pricing strategy and your marketing positioning. Posipricing gives you access to the information you need from your computer, mobile or tablet. 

Your pricing and marketing teams do not need to crunch the data and can directly set up action plans to be more competitive.

The return on investment is immediate.

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I How can Posipricing help you?

With Posipricing, your competitors will have no more secrets for you!

Thanks to our solution you will be able to:

  • Boost your turnover and gain market shares from your competitors ;

  • Save time on your competitive intelligence and focus on your action plans ;

  • Analyze the pricing strategy of your competitors ;

  • Improve your price image ;

  • Increase the productivity of your teams ;

  • Control your margins ;

  • Increase the attractiveness of your commercial events ;

  • Get an advantage for your supplier negotiations ;

  • Adjust your assortment.

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