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I  Customer case studies


 " Cabexpert Pricing allows me to analyze my competitors' strategy and set up an effective pricing strategy. "


Head of pricing strategy


Laetitia Voitier

Pricing Strategy Manager at Brico Dépôt

" The software allowed us to professionalize our price management teams, enable them to have a better pricing vision and strategy, and to plan, with the right data at their fingertips, for the future. "


Kathy miranda

Thiriet Pricing Manager

" Cabexpert Pricing really allowed us to have the vision of landing margins by networks and therefore to support trading and store services. "

Marc Schillinger

Director of management processes and tools

" The tool allows us to save time and reliability, improve working comfort and optimize what we have already implemented in the company. "


Florian Viguet-Carrin

Pricing studies manager of the Sherpa Cooperative

" Cabexpert Pricing allows us to analyze the performance of the network, follow the evolution of the assortment, our purchase prices and the selling prices of our competitors. It is also, and above all, a tool which allows us to make data exchanges more reliable and secure. "

We are Microsoft Gold Partner

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