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Paris based Karavel ( provides travel services to clients in France. The Company offers a range of holiday packages, theme based vacations, flights and hotel reservations, cruises, weekend breaks, and passenger assistance services. Ms. Amandine Krebs, Strategic Product Manager of Karavel spoke to us about her company’s decision to work with CMV Informatics.


Why did you choose to work with CMV Informatics?


First of all, the relationship I have with a vendor is very important.  From the beginning I felt a real willingness to understand my needs, and to constructively challenge them. Others just wanted to sell me a preconfigured solution, without identifying first and understanding the constraints of our tourism business. I found the approach particularly appealing.


Second of all, the quality of CMV Informatics' SaaS Posipricing solution, its ease of use, and their ability to run simulations where I could project my day-to-day routine into the tool finally convinced me. These are the main reasons why I chose CMV Informatics rather than other options.


Has Posipricing improved your company visibility and competitive position?

Thanks to the feedback of the CMV Informatics' project team, I have reconsidered the way I work on my core product pricing. During the ideation workshop, we made some specific and unique changes which are necessary for an agile travel business.


Previously, our reports were just not frequently used, whereas since the Posipricing implementation, we are consulting with them each week. And we have changed our thinking to more ranges or offers than by solely individual product. We are no longer just comparing the purchase prices, we are also studying our competitors' product price variations, whether they have loaded more products than us, whether our products offer a competitive value, etc. These additional data allow us to improve and expand our secondary product offering while the price positioning of our core travel solutions.


Posipricing makes us much more reactive in the marketplace, and we can see the impact in our sales. For instance, we can quickly reframe our prices, identify if our competitors are benefitting from a hotel discount that we previously didn’t see, and gives us concrete information to negotiate with hotels, airlines and cruise lines. The electronic evidence allows us to obtain real time information and speak intelligently. Previously, we frankly did not have this information available and when we were wondering why our sales were decreasing, we realized that by the time it took to check a competitor's product/promotion it was too late and we couldn’t react.

Could you name three top qualities of the CMV Informatics' Posipricing SaaS solution?

Firstly, the tool’s readability, its ergonomics, colors and charts are easy to interpret. I especially like the Business Intelligence features. We were just not used to working with this kind of solution at Karavel. Therefore, the visual representations help us to quickly identify and action key information.


Secondly, the Cloud accessibility is simple to reach from wherever you are and on multiple device types. And finally, I would say the responsiveness of the CMV Informatics' team. As soon as I have a question, a request, the need to add a user, etc., I have an answer within 24 hours, and this is so important to our business. You rarely see that with other SaaS solution suppliers.



Did the implementation and adoption of the tool go well? Do you get feedback from users?


Because I get employee feedback on a regular basis I know the tool is being used. The workshops were super helpful pre and post launch. Thanks to the complete software analysis, I know which data can be extracted, and then can circulate the information to all teams.


Even after tool delivery, I enjoyed the collaboration provided by CMV Informatics in helping us to read the data.  I find more departments are using these analyses in their daily work; the purchasing department to check if their products are working well, finance to look at the yield management and if our products are competitive or not, and the marketing team to know competitive positioning and which products we should put forward with our targeted advertising. Posipricing enriches the analyses for multiple teams at Karavel.  This is very positive.



If you should summarize your experience with CMV Informatics and our Posipricing tool in one sentence, what would you say?


It is a genuine collaboration, with a lot of responsiveness and transparency. Posipricing has brought us a real added value in how we compare ourselves with our competitors.

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