Logiciel multimagasin

A 360° view of your points of sale  

Cabexpert Multimag is a centralized store management solution that allows you to save time and increase your profitability


Thanks to more than 25 years of expertise in retail, we can effectively support you in your project and the development of your business.   

You can choose between two Cabexpert Multimag solutions:   

We offer you two possibilities to install the Cabexpert Multimag solution according to your needs:  

- Be hosted at your company on one of your servers   :


- Be hosted in SaaS mode on Microsoft Azure, a secured hosting service:


Why should you choose Cabexpert Multimag ?

With Cabexpert Multimag, you can chose between a global and a local store management according to the autonomy you want to leave to the stores. 

For the central purchase organization:  


Analysis of consolidated sales  


Centralized assortment  


Centralized management of sales prices and purchase prices   


Grouping of orders 

Food,DIY, gardening, organic, furniture and decoration, household appliances, beauty, sports, frozen products...: 

Centralize the management of all your points of sale  

Save travel time : no need to move from one store to another  to manage them 

Save time in your decision-making  -Simplify your teams’ work  

Manage your margins  

Improve your price image 

For stores:


Sales analysis/Dashboards  


Pricing policy  


Label printing  


Margin management  




Article management  


Work organization module  

They trust us:

"I set up the pricing for all my stores at once, a considerable time saving! "

Owner of a store network  

"Thanks to the dashboard, I centrally control and manage all my stores"

Owner of a store network  

"I can optimize my  stock accross several points of sale"

Store manager   

"The solution is very easy to implement"

Department manager  

"Cabexpert Multimag has been co-developed with retailers. We  can feel it when we use it."

Store manager  

"CMV Informatics’ customer service is efficient and helpful. There is always someone to answer our questions."

Department manager  

Your project becomes ours  

 At CMV Informatics, we support you throughout your project because we are committed to your success and your satisfaction.

After the qualification of your needs, we make you proposals adapted to your request, we set up the solution and support you until the adoption of the solution by the users and its implementation.

Our customers service remains at your side throughout our partnership.

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