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Why did you choose to work with CMV Informatics?


I have good memories of our first contacts. Quickly CMV Informatics team was able to identify our needs and position itself as a partner. The relationship with our interlocutors, the software's features, the company's references, and the demos confirmed our decision. We felt that our satisfaction was their top priority.


What were your initial needs before working with CMV Informatics?


We needed to internalize the pricing policy to improve the brand's price image and to bring price correlation in our network.


Previously, the prices were managed internally by the members and by our partner; these prices were not necessarily coherent and adapted to our market. The personalization of these prices had made the brand's price image heterogeneous.

How has CMV Informatics' Cabexpert Pricing tool impacted your organization’s pricing policy?


Cabexpert Pricing allowed us to control the pricing policy of Sherpa brand. The pricing recommendations communicated to our members allowed us to improve the price image while securing our network margins and performance. Today, 92 Sherpa stores receive our price recommendations. The percentage of followed selling prices by our partners is increasing every year.


Cabexpert Pricing is also an interconnected solution that allowed us centralize data from our stores, suppliers, and partners. The exploitation of this data enables us to analyze daily the performances of the network, the evolution of the assortment, the purchase prices thanks to a powerful interface.


How did the internal implementation of the tool go?


The tool was easily adopted by our partners thanks to CMV Informatics teams' support as well as its ergonomics. I use it every day and I can tell that the application features are intuitive and efficient.


The user’s experience was also optimized through the customization of display contexts and specific features development.


Could you name three differenting qualities of the CMV Informatics' solution?


Efficient because we can quickly visualize the results and make analyses. The tool is also reliable, which is essential when we do pricing to accurately measure the simulation results. And, finally, I would say modular, because the tool has been able to adapt to our requests and our use.


If you should summarize your experience with CMV Informatics and our Cabexpert Pricing tool in one sentence, what would you say?


Cabexpert Pricing is not only a powerful and modular solution, but it is also a whole team behind it that is invested, reactive, truly here for us, and that meets our expectations daily.

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