Pricing management software for Retail and e-commerce.

CMV Informatics' pricing and store management solutions are purpose-built for Retail and eCommerce. We work for all types of central purchasing groups, cooperatives, and brick n' mortar retailers to increase their competitive intelligence, sales performance, and profitability. Our company's goal is to overdeliver while maintaining integrity in all we do consistently!

I  30 Years of Retail and e-Commerce Expertise    


Our team at CMV Informatics is proud to have served the retail industry for over three decades. We are committed to providing both scalable pricing solutions and customized projects to help our customers succeed! For the past three decades, we have been providing pricing, competitive, and store management solutions to some of the world's top retailers. With a culture of continuous innovation, we've been able to carry out our vision of "support and excellence in serving our customers." In addition, this commitment to excellence drives CMV Informatics to work on the development and professional fulfillment of each internal employee, making our organization a fulfilling employer and a great place to work. 

Our most recent anniversary is an opportunity to thank all our customers, employees, and partners, without whom these 30 years of success would not have been possible.


Pricing Stratégy Simulations Made Easy
Natural Language Prices

Whether you are a central purchasing body or a point of sale, Cabexpert Pricing allows you quickly and efficiently improve your market profitability and price image.   Implementation is simple as we handhold your through the entire process, train your teams, and make sure you are 100% comfortable managing the solution.


Point of Sale 

Our point-of-sale management software, Cabexpert Retail, covers all areas of the back office: order management, price changes, inventory, suppliers, discounts, and promotions. Leveraging our 30 years of experience make it a perfect user-friendly solution for retailers.


Competitive Intelligence
and Dynamic Data Visualization

Thanks to Posipricing, your pricing strategy, and market positioning is a snap!   You no longer need to spend hours analyzing your competitors' prices and products as the solution allows marketing teams to work more efficiently and therefore free up more time to focus on their internal action plans.   Our customers have spoken loudly, the return on investment for Posipricing is immediate.


Mobile Point of Sale 

Cabexpert Mobile is the perfect complement to Cabexpert Retail and Cabexpert Multimag, combining mobility with fixed workstations. Cabexpert Mobile is an innovative and easy-to-use solution allowing you to facilitate your operations on the go while gaining speed and productivity.

NRF Big Show Virtual 2021


Join us virtually for the largest event in retail, NRF 2021: Retail's Big Show. Together, we'll reshape retail's tomorrow.

30 years of retail experience
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Founded in 1991, CMV Informatics is a perfect example of a “Smart-Up,” an established company that relies on its fundamentals (team, products, and customer experience) to reinvent itself by innovating with the dynamism and tenacity of a “Start-Up.” With 30+ years of experience in Retail and eCommerce, we are committed to helping our customers accomplish their goals by offering user-friendly and effective digital pricing and competitive solutions that perfectly align with their business needs.

Customer service is at the heart of our priorities
Optimisation pricing

Your pricing strategies are critical to the performance of your retail business. Therefore, it is essential to guarantee our customers excellent support, technical and business assistance, operational consulting capacity, and guaranteed responsiveness.

Our hotline services go far beyond simple traditional support. We also offer live telephone support, training & strategic consulting.

Innovation Strategy

Choosing CMV Informatics means you are equipping yourself with innovative and efficient tools to capture new markets and automate the critical decision-making and execution processes.

Services Beyond the Norm

No technical knowledge, no worries?
Because not everyone is an IT professional, the CMV Informatics team accompanies you every step of the way through a wide range of pricing services.


We are Microsoft Gold Partner